For Us, The Living:

For Us, The LivingFor Us, The Living is an effort to honor tradition by focusing on looking toward the future. The main focus is of compositions written by living American composers. This is my dedication to the musical giants upon whose shoulders I stand. Rather than re-interpret and re-perform their works, I want to extend the timeline of jazz with new compositions and performances by the best living composers and musicians today. 

Tony Malaby's Novela:

NovelaI am honored to be a part of a new ensemble that saxophonist Tony Malaby has put together called Novela. Recent venues for this band include The Stone, Cornelia St. Cafe, and The Undead Jazz Fest (NYC). Pianist Kris Davis has arranged some of Tony's compositions for this really unique ensemble which includes some of the best improvisors in the world. Check out Tony's website. The debut album for Novela was released in September of 2011.

Junior Mance:

Junior Mance QuintetPerformances with the legendary pianist Junior Mance! Performing Junior's songs and jazz classics all over the world. The group released its debut album, Out South, in March of 2010, and a second album, A Letter From home, in August of 2011. The group continues to actively perform and tour.

The Erik Satie Quartet

The Erik Satie Quartet is a wind group whose focus of repertoire starts with Erik Satie, his times, and beyond. The four lithe voices present music that is unique and strange for the uninitiated, yet with warmth and humanity at its core. With Ron Hay (trombone), Max Seigel (bass trombone), Ben Holmes (trumpet), and Andrew Hadro (bari sax). Repertoire will include works by Satie, Sauget, Milhaud, Poulenc, Britten, and Hindemith.


Tom Abbott's Big Bang Big Band:

Big Bang Big BandAn old style big band, specializing in vintage style swing music. Performing every Monday night at Swing46 in midtown. The band has been together for over 5 years! It features some of the best young musicians in new york city. If you don't tap your feet to this, you're dead. Check out the website!

Squiggletone Music Company (SqTMC):

Squiggletone Music CompanySquiggletone Music Company is a collective of musicians performing improvisational music. Each member brings their myriad background of music performance and study to a revolving ensemble performing compositions and arrangements of music with a heavy emphasis on improvisation. Every Squiggletone Ensemble performance will feature a different ensemble, unfolding improvisations and compositions to tickle your ear-hole, as in days of old, with rhythm and soundness. The debut album has been released in January '12.

The Litchfield Jazz Camp:

Andrew hadroSince 2006 I have been proud to be a part of the Litchfield Jazz Camp. This camp, run by a nonprofit arts organization, takes place in beautiful rural Connecticut. Students of all ages come to learn jazz from the best musicians in the world in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere. Teaching as part of the faculty and being involved with the planning and administration of the camp has been really wonderful.

Find out more about the camp at


The Ryan Anselmi Quintet:

Anselmi QuintetRyan is an incredible tenor saxophonist, and an all around good guy. He's been leading his own group and hitting at the Garage and other venues for years now.  His own group is always tippin' and full of good vibes, often to be found around the city and at the Garage. Check out Ryan's website! 


Andrew Hadro

April 1st, 2014 - My debut album, For Us, The Living is released. Check out the album page for details!


May 2013 - Next week I head into the studio to record my debut album! Its on schedule for release this fall and will be titled, For Us, The Living. Check back soon for details!


April 2012 I have recently finished arranging some of my own compositions for big band. I hope to present them in a performance sometime soon! Also brewing are more Hadro Quartet performances at the garage and some swingin trio gigs with Junior Mance. Also looking forward to presenting some of my fine students at their end of year recitals!

October 2011 The Junior Mance Quintet released a new album, "Letter From Home", and Tony Malaby's Novela has released its debut album, as has The Squiggle Tone Music Company. After a quick design refresh of this website off to work on some new projects. Be sure to pick up a copy of the December issue of Downbeat, an article on the baritone saxophone that I wrote will appear there. Comments welcome! Please write all complaints of the article on the back of a $100 bill and mail to..

January 2011 The Junior Mance Quintet is about to leave for a 2 week tour to New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado. We will be recording our next live album at Cafe loup in NYC on Sunday March 6th after we return. Also coming up in February are a few performances with Tony Malaby's Novela and a trip into the studio to record that group. The Garage hits keep coming as well. Hope to see you out there.

February 2010 After a brief hiatus for medical necessities, I am ready to hit the scene. I am incredibly excited that the I am fortunate enough to be part of the Junior Mance's Quintet's debut album, being released March 7th! There will be a release party at Cafe Loup, the quintet will be perform, reservations recommended. Also looking forward to an imminent recording with the Squiggle Tone Music Company, with which I have been spending much time rehearsing, growing and preparing. My quintet continues to have monthly gigs at the Garage, and look out for an occasional jazz brunch duo at B. Smiths! More music on the way.

December 2009 The Junior Mance Quintet recorded its first album at a live performance this month, the CD should be out in April, check back for more on that. Other recordings and many performances are lined up for the new year, lots of great music happening.

June 2009 Performance this week with the Junior Mance Quintet! Also, monthly garage performances for the Hadro Quintet will continue through December. Come out and have a listen!

April 2009 The festival in Bern was fantastic, and a complete success. Playing with Junior and Moody was truly an honor and a privilege. Really looking forward to future performances and more Hadro ensemble gigs this summer, as well as some time teaching up in Connecticut.

March 2009 Traveling to Bern, Switzerland to play with the Junior Mance Quintet. A recording may be in the future. Recent performances at the Garage have gone extremely well, thanks to everyone for coming out!

January 2009 Every middle wednesday of the month from Jaunary through June the Hadro Trio/Quartet/Quintet will be performing at the Garage in the west village. Please come by!

March 2008 Some site updates, as well as a recently launched new Jazz bari sax site, Also after several rehearsals, a first performance with the Bjorkestra, and looking forward to a performance at a jazz festival in Kansas City in the fall.

April 2007 The Senior Recital is coming up (May 6th, 2pm!), Featured will be original compositions and some favorite compositions.

January 2007 Andrew will be performing at Carnegie hall as part of a professional workshop with Paquito D'Rivera. He will also be having his senior recital in May.

August 2006 Chico's Album "Believe" was reviewed in the September issue of Downbeat *** and a mention for Andrew Hadro

August 2006 Site Updates. A few design changes. Hope it looks decent. There is a review of 3 of 4 albums Chico is putting out this year in the NY ALL ABOUT JAZZ magazine. Pick up a free copy and check it out.

July 2006 The third Chico Hamilton Album with Andrew Hadro performing on it was just released. Special Guests include Jaimoe (of the Alman Brothers), Shugie Otis, Jon Faddis, and Trombonist George Bohanon.

April 2006 Chico Hamilton will release the second Sextet CD of 2006, entitled "Believe". Andrew Hadro performs baritone and alto saxophone as well as flute and clarinet on the entire CD. Special Guests include vocalist Fontella Bass and Trombonist George Bohanon.

"Andrew Hadro is the best young baritone saxophonist I know. After studying with me he joined my working quintet for several years and continues to be one of my first choice saxophonists." -- Junior Mance

"Andrew Hadro is one of the most versatile voices on the Baritone Saxophone I have ever encountered. He possesses a wide array of timbres, driving rhythmic conception and a beautiful lyricism. He is my kind of improviser." -- Tony Malaby

"Andrew Hadro floats over the subtle ebb and flows with a dry, wispy clarinet sound."
-- John McDonough Downbeat Magazine

"Among the most adventurous and accomplished practitioners on his instrument...

...his baritone sax jazz playing is loaded with uncommon beauty and startling accomplishment.
The BEST young bari player in jazz today." -- Tim Price

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